Educational Goal of Electrical and Communication Engineering College

The College has planned its curricula based on the national development and world-class high technology and aimed at cultivating professionals who have international visions.

The College has integrated fields related to electrical and communication engineering to make good use of research resources offered by the government, private industry and Far Eastern Group. The College also tries to actively push international and cross-strait academic exchange to promote the growth of electrical engineering and commbanner01unication. Both theories and practice are balanced so that the quality as well as quantity of research can be obtained. The College is at the leading position in the academic fields of electrical engineering and communication. Such an importance also helps the college to win international recognition.

The College tries to encourage students to have the enthusiasm to serve our society. The goal of education is to strengthen students’ artistic development and care for the society. Students are encouraged to cooperate with others from different fields and cultivate their interpersonal kills so that they will become gregarious and have strong leadership.