Electrical and Communication Engineering College

The College of Electrical and Communication Engineering (CECE) was founded in 2006 with an ambition to integrate the resources of teaching and researches within the university and promote mutually benefited academic-industrial collaborations and student trainings in the ECE areas. Under the strong encouragement and financially supports from YZU’s business conglomerate, known as Far Eastern Group (FEG) and being one of the three largest telecommunication service providers in Taiwan, YZU-CoECE is more advantageous than other universities in promoting excellence in both teaching and conducting research, and also providing distinguished educational and learning environments for students to earn the state-of-the-art industry-oriented technologies. CoECE is currently consisted of three departments including the Department of Electrical Engineering, thbanner04e Department of Communications Engineering, and the Department of Electro-Optical Engineering. All the departments offer Master’s and Doctoral programs. It currently has 53 faculties with all of them equipped with Ph. D. degrees in the related disciplines.